Can’t decide which class to sign up to? Tossing up between a good, slow stretch out and getting your sweat on? 

(Why not both?)

We give you: Yogalates.

Part yoga, part pilates.

So what actually happens in this class? 

The class begins with a yoga warm-up, a gentle yoga flow to wake up and warm up all the major muscle groups in the body. Then we dive straight into main section of the class, which incorporates a series of pilates drills, sequences and held postures that work the core, hips and legs. The aim is on building strength and stabilisation, so prepare to repeat, repeat, repeat these drills until your abs are burning and your legs are shaking! The class winds down with a series of yoga stretches and held postures. 

What should I bring?

All you need to bring to a yogalates class is your mat and your lovely self. We have a whole range of equipment and props that we use to support and challenge you in class, including resistance bands, medicine balls, Swiss balls, pilates rings and light weights. 

Is yogalates for me?

We hope so! All our yogalates classes are multi-level, with no previous yoga experience or fitness level required. Our classes provide core strengthening and stabilisation, support for lower back injuries and stimulation and strength building through the lesser used muscles in the core, hips and legs. If this sounds like your cup of tea, hop over to our online schedule or find us on the MindBody app and book your space!