We have another YTT coming up in 2019! We’re so excited to be able to guide another fantastic group of yogis through all that our comprehensive 200hr Teacher Training has to offer. Here are a few words from Empowered owner Jacqui about our upcoming course:

Yoga teacher training is fabulous for not only people who want to teach, but also for those wanting to immerse themselves into yoga and be able to establish their own yoga plans to practice at home or while away on holiday. Many Yoga classes have people of all levels in them. Often the teacher will have time to only focus on those newer to yoga. Learning the structure of yoga enables you to know you are taking each pose to its maximum benefit. The training also teaches you about the anatomy of the body and how the poses can stretch or benefit muscle groups. The Philosophy of yoga is very interesting and can help you to really take in the best aspects of the breath through movement, enabling a calmer more responsive mind and body. Yoga has changed the lives of many. It certainly changed mine. Are you ready for the challenge of change?


Still need convincing? Here’s some sweet words from a few of our previous Teacher Training graduates:

I have always enjoyed yoga, but after surgery from cancer and the reconstruction I lost so much mobility that I thought the Teacher Training would be a great way to work on recovery. I loved every minute of it. – Linda

When I moved to Perth I had my own home practice and wanted to learn more, so this is the reason behind the YTT. I had my injuries along the way and the YTT taught me to step back and not to force it, rest is part of yoga too. One of my favourite parts of the YTT was learning how to create your own flows! – Giada

I got into yoga as I was getting older and wanted something more spiritual, something slower but that still challenges the body. I started off loving Vinyasa but ended up needing and loving Yin. – Tina

I now have 5 new friends and have had the pleasure of being taught by two experienced teachers that made our learning easier. I have learnt to have more confidence in myself and my abilities … if I decide to actually teach, I know I can, confidently and with support from Empowered Centre. – Jo


If you’re interested in signing up for our 2019 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, email, message or smoke signal us for a prospectus and application!