Welcome to Week Six of “Yoga for…” here at Empowered Centre! This week we are exploring the ways in which we can harness the energy of the full moon in our yoga practice. You might be familiar with Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, but have you ever practiced the lesser known Moon Salutation, Chandra Namaskar? Well roll out your mats ladies and gentleman, and follow along as Mike takes you through this soothing flow, a perfect addition to your yoga practice in the days surrounding the full moon.

Keen to dive deeper into all that juicy full moon energy?

Whilst the new moon is a time for setting new intentions, the full moon is the perfect opportunity to practice letting go of emotions, experiences and areas in you life that are no longer serving your highest self. Try some guided journaling with these prompts to get clear on what you’re ready to release in your life.

1. Take a moment to reflect on what is GOOD in your life right now. What areas/aspects of your life bring you joy, peace, passion, contentment, vitality? Where do you feel like you are thriving and growing?

2. Now think of the areas/aspects of your life where you are NOT feeling these things. Where is there:

3. Where can you make change? Make a list of small ways in which you can begin to release some of these experiences and invite more positive experiences into each area of your life.

4. Try repeating this mantra to yourself: 

‘I forgive, heal and release
anything and everything
that may block or delay
the complete evolution of my soul.’

-Amanda Noga