Welcome welcome welcome to the first blog in our series, “Yoga For…”

Every week we’ll be sharing a short yoga flow for you to try at home and a yummy recipe to match! This week we’re sharing some yoga that tones your abdominal organs and stimulates healthy digestion.
Roll out your yoga mat, settle yourself down in child’s pose and get flowing!

Once you’ve worked up an appetite on your mat, head on into the kitchen and make yourself some of these delicious nori rolls. The cabbage and nori are prebiotic foods that help implant good bacteria in the lower bowel, which supports a smooth digestive process.

You will need:
-sheets of nori (edible seaweed)
-grated carrot
-grated cabbage
-roughly chopped spinach
-organic mayonnaise
-sliced avocado

Lay out a single sheet of nori on a chopping board or plate
Spread thin layers of carrot, cabbage and spinach over the nori, one on top of the other
Lay a few thin slices of avocado on top, followed by a squeeze of organic mayonnaise
Gently roll it up (like you would for sushi), and enjoy!