We’ve all been there. The yoga class is nearing its end, the teacher is winding everyone down, and then you’re guided into Savasana for 5 or so minutes of relaxation. You lie down on your mat, get comfortable… and then start thinking about what you’re going to cook for dinner when you get home. You make a mental to-do list for the rest of your evening, scratch that itch on your left elbow, wonder if you remembered to send that email before you left the office, think about that passive-aggressive email your co-worker sent you this afternoon. Why is she so grumpy all the time anyway? Maybe she needs to do some yoga, you should see if you can organise a workplace yoga class in the lunchroom. Add that to the mental to-do list, scratch your left elbow again… And then the teacher is guiding you up to a seat for the end of class and your brain hasn’t had a moment of quiet.

It’s so easy to lose focus at the end of a practice, to brush over Savasana and then rush out the studio and into the rest of your day/evening. But here’s the thing: you might be missing out on the most important part! Savasana serves an integral part of a well-rounded yoga practice for both your body and mind. 

Here’s why embracing a truly restful Savasana is so good for you:

If 5 minutes of Savasana isn’t enough for you and you want MORE, we have a weekly Hammock Meditation class here at Empowered that runs every Saturday. 45 minutes of deep rest and relaxation. Get in touch with us to book your space!