When you

combine yoga with other disciplines, you can burn more calories than yoga alone while taking advantage of the benefits of this ancient practice. In these classes, you’ll practice isometric grips and tiny impulses in traditional yoga poses such as plank or bridge poses. The postures of traditional yoga give aerobic training the awareness of the body and mind you need to reach an ideal weight and build endurance. These classes are ideal if you’ve done yoga and want to add more cardio and strength training to your workout.

Yoga reconnects your body to natural movement patterns so you can use your muscles for compound and complex movements.

What is Hatha Fusion?

The Hatha Fusion is based on the original Hatha 26 and is a fixed system of postures that are connected to each other through breath and movement. Traditionally, Hatha poses are held for extended periods of time to find direction and depth, building both physical and mental strength. HATHA FUSION — Ha means “sun” and Tha means moon. Hatha yoga is a practice to balance the two most important energy players in the body. Hatha Fusion is an active strength-building yoga that is intended to prepare the body and mind to enable active energy shifts.