Our next Empowered 200hr Yoga Teacher Training starts in early March, and we are so excited to be able to guide another group of passionate yogis through this life-changing experience! We receive so many emails each week asking what exactly our YTT entails, and so we thought we’d give you the lowdown on what you can expect when you sign up for our Training course.


How is the YTT course structured?

Our upcoming course is an intensive with a weekday format, which means you will be immersing yourself in the content Monday to Friday and then taking the weekends off. There are 24 days of contact hours where you will be guided through theoretical and practical coursework by our three experienced and passionate YTT instructors, and then the rest of your course hours are made up of assisting during classes, practice teaching sessions, self-practice and self-study. We have structured it in this way so you get LOTS of hands-on experience in class environments. We want you to come out ready to teach if that is your goal!


What kind of content will I be learning?

These are some of the overarching topics we cover during our YTT:

The list goes on, but these are some of the main things you can look forward to learning about in your YTT!


What makes the Empowered YTT course different?

Well, two things actually:

One, we offer units of study in alternative yoga practices, such as aerial yoga, partner yoga and bungee yoga. Because we are a studio specialising in multiple modes of yoga and fitness, we want you to have access to other yoga-inspired practices! You’ll get to study all three of these practices, learn the postures and movements, and build your skills in each area.

Two, we have a HUGE scope of knowledge and skills to offer you from our YTT instructors. Each of our three teachers has a different background in yoga, fitness and wellness. Our head instructor (and studio owner) Jacqui specialises in yoga therapy. Alongside her yoga studies, Jacqui has a background as a nurse, and so has extensive knowledge of the human body and how to use yoga for illness, injury and supporting individuals towards optimum health. Our second instructor Stephanie will be taking you through some of the more philosophical and traditional aspects of the course. She travelled to India, the home of yoga, to study and train. She will be taking you through the three M’s: mantras, mudras and meditation, as well as her specialties, chakra theory and sequencing. Our third instructor Rachael has to much experience and knowledge to list. She has been constantly teaching and studying for the past 20 YEARS! Not only is she a well of knowledge on almost every aspect of yoga, she also has extensive experience in mentoring budding yoga teachers during their training.


Is this YTT course for me?

We hope so! There are so many different reasons for embarking on your YTT journey, including deepening and strengthening your practice, preparing yourself to teach, gaining an understanding of how yoga can support your health and wellness, the list goes on!

We would love to have you in our upcoming Course, so if you’re considering jumping in, send us a message and we will get in touch will our full prospectus!