Divas is a place where you can hug your body, develop self-love, make friends, and feel empowered through pole, dance, and air movement. Discover a stronger, fitter and healthier you. Next year she is celebrating her 20th anniversary of pole dancing — she spent 15 of these years as a lecturer. Next year she is celebrating her 20th anniversary of pole dancing — she spent 15 of these years as a lecturer.

Everyone in the classes is so nice that if you don’t feel comfortable when someone sees you in front of the camera, you can just turn it off. Alex has a great passion for pole fitness and dancing, which is reflected in her high energy and enthusiasm for teaching. So if you want to take your first steps into the world of pole, our beginner course 1 is just right for you.

Is Pole difficult to learn?


dancers perform acrobatic tricks by either lowering their weight or moving it around a metal rod. Learning pole dance for beginners can be difficult if you’re not good at imitating movements and understanding how to use your muscles correctly. She is a blogger and writes articles for United Pole Artists, where she helps report on the pole dance industry. When I’ve flown to Chicago for long weekends or holidays, I’ve always visited Fly Club Chicago, my home away from home, to enjoy the effervescent and inviting energy and course offerings from Divine Em and Caitlin Marco.

Franklin is the founder of Black Girls Pole, a global community and movement that diversifies the pole community by inspiring and educating women of color about Poles.


pole dancing classes help you lose weight?

Following Pole Fitness Instagram accounts can inspire and encourage you to keep going while you learn to pole dance. When you have the rod in your hand and know what you’re doing, it boosts your self-confidence even more and helps with other things in life too. It is known that dancers burn up to 1000-1500 calories per hour, depending on body weight and intensity of the routine. As I mentioned before, pole dancing is fun — so you don’t even notice that you’re doing endurance training.

Pole dancing requires a lot of core strength and movement, so pole dancing is perfect for getting your stomach back after pregnancy.