What to Expect in an Aerial Yoga Class

For anyone who’s never taken an aerial yoga class before, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about. Yoga, in a hammock? Suspended from the ceiling?

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for an aerial yoga class:

  • Flexibility – We spend some time each class unwinding the day-to-day stiffness that builds up in our bodies. We use a mixture of yoga poses and assisted stretches for a top-to-toe stretch out. This is a great way to start improving your flexibility!
  • Strengthening – Ever practiced crunches upside-down? How about one-legged squats three feet off the ground? We have drills and sets to work all your major muscle groups, and we put a couple of these into each class. The great thing about working your core, legs, arms and glutes in the hammock is that you’re not only strengthening, but building your stabilising muscles too.
  • Inverting – Every class, you’ll get a chance to take a range of poses upside down in the hammock. There are so many physical benefits of inverting your body on the regular; you can read our blog post about the benefits of inversions here.
  • Tricks – This is the fun part! All the cool poses, the flips, the swings and so much more. If you enjoy this part of the class, you might enjoy our aerial sling classes too!
  • Relaxation – every aerial class finishes with a guided relaxation in the hammock. You get to lie in the hammock as your instructor talks you through a full-body and mind wind-down. Arguably the best part of class? If you love the relaxation, check out our hammock meditation class on Saturdays!

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