The first one, surprisingly, has nothing to do with the physical aspect. When you set a goal for the number of kilometers you want to run, you need to make an effort to get through it. As most boxers will admit, fighting is as mental as it is physical—if not more so. About 99% of boxers out there run every day.

In fact, running is often the cornerstone of boxing training for many reasons. You can find more ideas about kickboxing training, boxing training, and MMA training here.

What do you do in a boxfit class?

It is based on boxing training and includes jumping, boxing exercises including leg and abdominal exercises, with a focus on fitness and muscle building. Boxercise, Body Combat, Boxfit and Boxfitness all have one thing in common: They are contactless. You’ll be challenged with exercises that help you develop speed, stamina, agility, and strength. All of this is to improve your skills and stamina. Classes can take on a variety of formats, but a typical format may include shadow boxing, skipping, punching, punching bags, push-ups, shuttle runs, and sit-ups.

Boxfit is an endurance training based on boxing training. It includes jumping, boxing exercises including footwork and abdominal exercises — all focused on fitness and muscle building.