Corepower Yoga is a popular brand yoga with the mission “to show the world the incredible life-changing things that happen when you embed intensive physical training in the mindfulness of yoga. Yogafusion brings Jimmy Barkan’s teacher training to Adelaide to provide a transformative experience with its Level I Hot Yoga Teacher training. These movements improve your aerobic fitness, balance, and coordination, making this fusion a perfect addition. If you’ve ever taken a standard yoga class, you’ll find that there’s breathwork, called pranayama, spirituality, and even occasional chanting.

In these classes, you’ll practice isometric grips and tiny impulses in traditional yoga poses such as plank or bridge poses.

What is a yoga fusion class?

You can expect a workout in a fusion class, but when combined with yoga, it will of course also include traditional yoga poses. Other types of fusion may invite you to do more lunges and squats than a traditional Vinyasa or Hatha class, and you’ll likely work with planks and chatturanga (yoga-style pushups). As with all yoga classes, the teacher brings his personal teaching style and philosophy to practice, but there are some general things you can expect from the class. Yoga fusion is a trend that combines yoga poses with other fitness programs such as Pilates, weight training, dancing, or even kickboxing.