We offer a range of dance and fitness classes so you can choose yours. This class consists of a combined class for men and 26% women for all levels and for anyone starting their pole journey. We offer a range of dance and fitness classes, so you can choose your own adventure and customize your experience as you “find your rhythm.” Low light, heating and cooling, a competitive quality mix of 45mm stainless steel and 38mm brass.

Discover your partner balance, your strengths and your strengths as you learn to work in partnership on and off the rack.

What is the point of pole dancing?

After a year of pole fitness, I was no longer able to lift my leg into the air but was able to place my foot firmly on the back of my head. Pole dancing requires a lot of muscle endurance, coordination, strength, flexibility, upper body and core stability as well as sensuality. Just to cover the basics, here are some of the areas where it’s common to make improvements through pole fitness;. There’s a huge community of pole fitness enthusiasts who are ready to review your latest moves, give you feedback and praise, and generally motivate you when you want to.

Pole Fitness helps you develop strong core and abs for a perfectly shaped stomach, and it’s also incredible for building upper body strength.

Is pole dancing very difficult?

Pole dancing dates back to the 12th century in India and was originally practised primarily by men, not women. Franklin is the founder of Black Girls Pole, a global community and movement that diversifies the polar community by inspiring and educating women of color about polo. The fact that pole dancing is physically demanding gives a sense of personal growth, enthusiasm and social connection. Pole dancing should definitely be considered a workout in the same way as cycling or barre, but you shouldn’t actually treat it like one.

Your sense of achievement and, of course, the fact that you can pole dance a bit better than before will be worth all the pain and effort.