For those of you who have never taken a pilates class before, we have some news for you: there is a second T-Zone that isn’t on your face! If you don’t know anything about the T-Zone on your face, well, we don’t either, so let’s just leave all that to the beauty experts and dive into the T-Zone that is CRUCIAL to your pilates workout. Here’s everything you need to know:


The T-Zone is your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor muscles. If you check out the picture above, you can see that these muscles make the shape of a capital letter ‘T’, a horizontal line from hip-bone to hip-bone, and a vertical line travelling up from the pubic bone towards your navel. To engage your T-Zone, begin by drawing you pelvic floor muscles upwards (you should feel a tightening along the vertical line), then draw your transverse abdominis muscles in towards the centre. Easy, right? Super simple, but also super important. Engaging the T-Zone during a pilates workout stabilises the pelvis and supports the lower back in all exercises. This both reduces the risk of injury and makes the exercises more effective.

The good news? Regular activation of the T-Zone has benefits off your pilates mat too! A strong and regularly-worked T-Zone eases back pain, improves balance, protects our inner organs and can even improve our posture!

Keen to put your newfound knowledge to the test?

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