Jacqui Joyce

I started yoga late in life at the age of 40. I had injured my back playing netball and found yoga was the best recovery. I did my Yoga teacher training as a holiday with a friend. It was certainly no holiday, but it was a life changer. I am a busy high energy person and yoga has taught me how to calm the mind and body which in essence allows the energy to flow even freer. With a background in Nursing, helping people is my great love. I am passionate about helping people regaining their health after injury or disease. I like to mix up my platforms of exercise and enjoy anything from a hard core fitness class all the way through to a restorative yoga and meditation class. My favourite thing of all, is seeing people smile.

Verity Joyce

Since a young age, I have always been into gymnastic sort of activities/ sports. I fell in love with Equestrian Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback) where as a team and individually, I competed in state and national championships. With a bendy background, it was no surprise that I jumped at the chance to become an Aerial Yoga Instructor for Empowered Centre in 2016. Since Empowered Centre has been open, I have grown as an instructor, going on to learn to teach Barre Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Bungee Fitness, Functional Training and Yoga. I love being able to see the growth and noticeable change in confidence over the months and years I get to know long term students. I would have to say this is the most rewarding part of being an instructor. When I’m not teaching, you will find me behind the reception desk! 

Stephanie Davis

I am primarily a yoga instructor, having completed my 200hr YTT in India two-and-a-half years ago, but since arriving at Empowered Centre I’ve also trained in aerial yoga, barre fitness and bungee fitness.
My favourite class to teach is Vinyasa Flow; I love bringing together traditional yoga asanas and more modern movement practices to create flows that feel GOOD.
I’m a big believer in movement as medicine. My favourite thing about teaching is creating space for students to check-in with themselves and figure out what they need to nourish and rejuvenate themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Then I get to step in and guide them through this process, drawing on my yoga and fitness training, as well as sometimes pulling from my knowledge of other holistic therapies (aromatherapy, breathwork, energy work).
Suffice to say, I’m completely in love with my job and so grateful to be working with the beautiful Empowered Community.

Lakeisha Collier

I originally joined Empowered Centre with my mum back in May 2017 for some mother, daughter bonding time. As a dance teacher, I decided to further my portfolio and went on to study Aerial Yoga, Barre Fitness and Bungee Fitness. I was offered the ability to teach at Empowered Centre last September and have been teaching since. My favourite class type would have to be Bungee Fit as I am able to express my dance passion during the sessions, while having fun and getting a great workout.

Kerri Babbington

My name is Kerri, also known as Mama K. I work in woman’s refuge as well as from home in Koongamia, helping people to find balance in their body and mind. 

As well as this, I love to teach my special blend of yoga I call YINYASA. This combines the magic of Yin with movement which brings release to the body and soul.

I teach absolute beginners, dedicated yogis, injured and older people in my classes. You will find something for everyone. I am well known for my love of teaching spirituality, my motivational style, down to earth sense of humour, all in a supportive and nurturing environment where you are encouraged to do YOU and be yourself.

Toni Riches-Smith

I have been a member at Empowered since it opened, convinced of its importance in my own health care.
During this time I have watched the centre grow and evolve.
I was particularly excited at the introduction of F-Fit and Strength Training, adding to the holistic approach of the Centre.
Fitness and Resistance Training are important across all age ranges, but especially to women as they age, and it is here that I love to make a difference.
Through encouraging, challenging, individualizing and modifying, I want you to get results, and still be standing at the end, feeling bloody awesome!!

Michael Cole

I started practicing yoga while I was working at Empowered in reception and immediately fell in love with it. Finding an activity that exercised my body as well as my mind and soul at the same time was a game changer. The owner of empowered centre, Jacqui Joyce, gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a teacher through the 2018 YTT, an opportunity that I will never stop thanking her for. I decided to take on teacher training and fell in love even more with yoga and it’s teachings. The most important thing that yoga has taught me is to always be a student, to listen and to challenge myself and my fellow yogis. I was so lucky the opportunity to start teaching was presented to me because I have never looked back. Since then I have grown, laughed, cried and learned so many lessons because of the beautiful practice of yoga. By far my favourite thing to see in my classes is my students improving and understanding their practice with each class they attend. I can’t wait to meet you!

Sally Jardine

I have been pole dancing for ten years, and practicing aerial hoop for five years.I have competed in various statewide competitions, and I am very passionate about watching my students grow in confidence and accomplish their goals. I am a mother of two beautiful young children.

Jade Cooper

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and fell in love with boxing while completing my Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. I find boxing to be a very empowering form of exercise, nothing beats throwing a few punches and kicks to relieve some of that built up stress! Boxing also requires a lot of brainwork, so to be working your mind and body, and to be improving your confidence all in one go is my kind of class!

Claire South

With a background in dance, sports science and health promotion, Claire now brings her passion for all things movement and wellbeing to yoga. Being such a meditative and mindful form of movement, Claire says that yoga really just sells itself! She enjoys providing safe and quality yoga classes that will support and benefit both beginners and the more experienced. She looks forward to sharing her creative flows and connecting with like minded people at Empowered Centre each week!

Anouk Viana

Following various injuries as an equestrian I turned to yoga and pilates for healing and rehabilitation. I am evidence of the theraputic benefits of movement and am keen to share my love for and knowledge of Pilates, fitness, yoga and movement therapy as a teacher and lifelong student.

I teach mat Pilates with a focus on alignment, body connectivity and movement control. I gained my qualification in early 2019 at Studio Pilates International after practising Pilates for the past five years. I am committed to ongoing learning and development in somatic exercise, Pilates, yoga, fitness, anatomy and movement studies.

I love sports and movement of all kinds especially yoga, belly dance and martial arts. I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and live in the Swan Valley with my husband and a bunch of cats and dogs!

Usha Raman

Usha’s interest in mindfulness and related practices goes back nearly 20 years. As a certified trainer and life coach, she has trained hundreds of people internationally in various corporate wellness and empowerment workshops. To further understand mindful movement, Usha did a 200hr yoga teacher certification. She likes integrating mantras, guided Meditation and aspects of mindfulness in her classes.

Nicole Ilich

I came to yoga from a background in gymnastics and dancing. I’ve always loved exercise that focuses on strength and flexibility, so when I left gym and dance behind I took up yoga. I’ve been consistently practicing yoga for about 15 years now. I started aerial yoga in May 2019 as it resonated with the part of me that still wants to run away and join the circus. I love sharing my aerial practice with my students and like to create a sense of playfulness and fun in all of my classes.

Rachael Mercy

Rachael began practicing yoga in London in 1996 and since then has practiced a variety of styles. In her classes you’ll find a yoga practice based on fundamentals with a weaving of philosophy to encourage contemplation and transformation.

Mandi Nelson

Mandi J Nelson is an intuitive yoga & meditation teacher, mentor, healer, spiritual midwife, assisting those going through addiction, crisis, transitions, death & trauma. She is a funeral celebrant and author to ‘Awakening My Spiritual Heart’, offering greater understanding & exploration into the Divine and Sacred. She works 1:1 & with groups for transformation, growth and expansion.

Ally Slater

My Yoga journey began in 1997 when a friend suggested I try pre-natal yoga to help with lower back pain, it made such a difference that I continued to attend classes periodically. In 2015 I went to my first yoga retreat lead by an incredible teacher who helped me (finally) make the mind/body connection.  I have completed a 350HR Hatha /Vinyasa Teacher Training and I’m passionate about natural health & wellbeing. I strive to make my classes interesting, available to all and encourage people to take their practice off the mat into daily life.  I truly believe Yoga is for EVERYBODY.

Ashleigh White

After trying out multiple gyms, personal trainers and exercise classes, I managed to injure my shoulder. After a great deal of time off for recovery, I naturally wanted to get back into movement. I became interested in pilates as I had been recommended by my physiotherapist. I really enjoyed being able to exercise without reinjuring myself so I decided to commence teacher training. It was the best decision I have ever made and really assisted me with mind, body connection. Now, I endeavor to teach others and pass knowledge to assist others to be more body aware and to exercise comfortably, even if they have had prior injuries.

Mariela Valenzuela

Mariela has 13 years of experience as a pole instructor and has been teaching and learning internationally. She strives to bring out the Divine Feminine in her students without pressure. “Only with practice and time this comes out naturally, not forcing it.” “I love seeing my students evolving and progressing. Pole dancing helps to create those good changes in posture, confidence and self-esteem.” She says that Pole empowers the person that practices it. 

Amber Ku

Amber is a Perth-based yoga instructor who is not just passionate about the physical movements but also the connection between body and mind.

Her patience and flexibility in both practice and teaching will ensure each pose can be modified or adapted to meet the unique needs of individuals with different abilities. Her goal is to make everyone who practices in her session feel calmer, lighter, brighter and more vibrant both physically and mentally.

Sian Miller

I’ve been dancing since the age of 5 so I’ve always enjoyed a really active lifestyle. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel internationally as a dancer and have had various opportunities on and off stage. Yoga has always played a huge role in my day to day life as a form of mindfulness since the age of 16. This eventually led me into Pilates and barre. I enjoy being able to offer a safe and supportive environment that everyone can build physical and mental resilience in. 

Kelly Peirce

I have always enjoyed movement through the body starting at a young age with dance. I now channel this same passion into fitness. You may find me teaching barre, kangoo,Yogalates or Yoga fusion!
I teach beginners and advanced options in my classes and I believe everyone should have a chance to be the best they can be.
See you at my next class.

Andrea Sewell

Andrea has been teaching zumba for 10 years and loves the fun and excitement that dance brings to people’s lives. She is highly energized and waiting for you to come and join her in one of her classes!