Get your footings perfect for your structure to be forever strong!

Step Forward Orthotics are the shape of a perfect foot. Your feet will gradually adapt and conform to this correct shape, thus enabling them to work more like nature intended. Step Forward Orthotics flex as you walk, much like walking barefoot on sand, grass, dirt, mud and gravel. You can expect relief from aches and pains caused by poor alignment.

Common Foot and Foot related Problems:

What makes up my Arch?

First Step OrthoticsThe arches of the foot are formed by the combination of the bone and muscle structure. They consist of three arches, the longitudinal, metatarsal, and medial-arch. The largest and best known of the foot’s arches is the medial arch, which forms the hollow at the palm of the foot. Most sport shoes have a medial foam arch. The smaller longitudinal arch lays parallel to the medial arch on the outside of the foot. The metatarsal arch reaches across the forefoot immediately behind the ball of the foot.  If one or more of these arches are out of their natural alignment then structural discomfort and often pains and aches are evident.

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