Do you feel anxious, depressed, dissatisfied or sick?

Spiritual CounsellingMore and more people are becoming aware of something missing from their lives but they can’t quite put a finger on what it is. Life is meant to be joyful, fun, full of inner peace and love, but it can also be full of obstacles. These obstacles we can see as either being positive or negative. In the positive sense we can look at these obstacles as tests, lessons, challenges and opportunities to grow and be grateful for the growth potential it has given us. On the other hand, we can judge these obstacles as negative and see them as aggravations, irritations and upsets and then allow ourselves to become depressed and sad. It is how we think, interpret and perceive that will determine how we feel in any given situation.

We have been given the gift of choice and it is this that governs our life. We can choose to be happy or choose to be sad. Counselling can help you to move your life away from unhappy emotional states. Conventional counselling works on the personality level whereas spiritual counselling works with the mind, body and spirit in a holistic way. It is linked to transpersonal psychology, which is beyond personal and looks at life from the perspective of spirit instead of personality.

Spiritual counselling gives you the tools to awaken to who you truly are. It also looks past the mind and feelings and aims to help you free your soul, to help you recognize that you are a spiritual being having a fulfilling human experience.

Spiritual counselling takes from conventional counselling techniques. It also employs thought therapy, showing how you manifest things in your life through your thoughts, which are powerful influences within you and which actually create your reality. In addition, spiritual counselling employs energy healing, which uses energy to clear and cleanse the chakras, thereby restoring the balance within the body, mind and spirit.

Counselling ServicesEmpowered Centre offers counselling services for individuals and couples. The centre provides therapy for people who are experiencing Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Relationship difficulties, Loss, Separation, Substance addiction. Our counsellors offer a range of treatments that assist in shifting negative sub conscious patterns that we have developed in childhood/teens through to adulthood. Whilst in the womb, a baby lives in delta and theta rhythm. From birth to around 6 years old, we live in theta rhythm. Our lessons in this age group become firmly entrenched into our sub conscious and form our behavioural patterns later in life, both good and not so good. From the ages of 6 to 12 years, we tend to live in alpha and from 13 yrs on we spend a greater percentage of time in beta rhythm.

During the day when we are busy working away, our body exists mainly in beta rhythm. When sitting in front of the television relaxing, we move into alpha and when falling asleep, we enter theta. Delta is mainly achieved by Tibetan monks or those able to go into deep meditative states. These rhythms are very important when talking about the sub conscious mind. Our conscious thoughts control around 5% of our daily life while the other 95% is controlled by our sub conscious.

Unless you work to change your belief systems developed as a child to suit your adult life, you may find issues arising in your life that you simply cannot control. Your subconscious thoughts are often holding you back.

Empowered centre offer a range of counselling to assist you in gaining control of your life. EFT, Hypnotherapy, Kinesiology, Psych-k, Thought field therapy and spiritual counselling are some of the extended fields offered at our centre. Whether your issues are related to abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, children, depression, grief, relationships or stress, our counsellors are there to help and guide you to gain control of your life.