Our Teachers


JB Bishop

“I have been practising Yoga regularly for a few years, and feel that it has changed my life – in so many ways. I’m calmer, more mindful, and approach my days with a more measured and playful mindset. I’m stronger, more flexible, and the neck, shoulder and lower back pain that has plagued me for the last two decades – it’s gone. Yoga means so much to me that I became a qualified teacher, so that I can share the amazing benefits I’ve experienced with everyone”


Hayley  Edgar

I’m a mother to a two-year-old and I love being physically active! I started pole with a friend when I moved to Perth from my small Pilbara town and I fell in love instantly with the challenge, the confidence-building and the friendships! I felt constantly encouraged and uplifted; it was something I wanted to bring to my own classes! I like to help my students feel strong, secure and encouraged in my classes; they’re always judgement-free zones.


Sally Jardine

Sally is a kind, happy person who is talented in many disciplines. Sally has been polling for 8 years, been practicing Aerial Hoop for 4 and started Pole Silks one year ago. You will find Sally in the Beginners & Int 1 Pole courses,  the Aerial Hoop course or in the Pole Silks class. 

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is primarily a yoga instructor, having completed a 200hr YTT in India two-and-a-half years ago, but since arriving at Empowered Centre has also trained in aerial yoga, barre fitness and bungee fitness.
Stephanie’s favourite class to teach is Vinyasa Flow; she loves bringing together traditional yoga asanas and more modern movement practices to create flows that feel GOOD.


Crystal Gui

Former dancer Crystal was inspired by the benefits of her Yoga practice and found herself certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Anti-gravity Yoga and Acroyoga. When she’s not busy teaching, you will find Crystal either suspended, bent and/or contorted deeply immersed in her practice.

Jacqui Joyce

Jacq-of-all-trades and multi-talented Jacqui has a serene quality to her voice that engages you in her yoga classes. Brimming with energy and positivity, once you have attended her classes, you will keep coming back for more!

Kerri Babbington 

Kerri is known for her passion, energy and DTE approach as well as her love for spirituality and philosophy!. She loves to bring the extra touches to her practice: cards, oils, sprays and adjustments in savasana. Kerri always excited to share her yoga journey and how yoga can change your life and benefit everyone! She loves to combine yin and yang elements in her classes and bring her background in body work, life coaching and spiritual support to her practice. Kerri enjoys working with beginners and those with extra challenges.

Verity Joyce

Experience antigravity levity with Verity! Bendy, sporty and happy Verity has been vaulting for 7 years and loves antigravity yoga because it’s unlike conventional yoga styles and works your balance and strength.


Rachel Lau

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rachel found yoga helped her deal with stress from work. Her passion for yoga encouraged her to leave the banking world and completed Certificate IV in yoga teaching. She is also certified in kids and families yoga and happy to share the joy of yoga to everyone.

Toni Riches-Smith

Toni knows that fitness and Resistance Training are important across all age ranges, but especially to women as they age, and it is here that she love to make a difference.
Through encouraging, challenging, individualizing and modifying, Toni wants you to get results, and still be standing at the end, feeling bloody awesome!!

Darleen Clausen

Darleen started practising yoga 20 years ago due to her lower back pain and has since started helping others cope with their injuries and pain through her teaching. Her passion for the strong of vinyasa flow and the gentle of Yin is fervent alongside her love for her kids and her chickens.

Mike Cole

Mike’s yoga journey started about a year ago as he slowly found interest in fitness and wellbeing. He completed the Empowered Centre 200 HR YTT and has now found such a passion that he says he knows will stay with him for many years to come. Mike likes to create a space of practice, kindness, safety and relaxation in each and every one of his classes.


Paula Evans

Yoga is my passion and my purpose.  As a Vinyasa trained instructor, the linking of breath to movement is central to my classes. I adjust the flow of each class to suit participants ensuring that the class is accessible for all levels, and all bodies.  I aim to provide a total Yoga experience that incorporates physical postures, breathwork, meditation, philosophy, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and music.

Lakeisha Collier

As a dance teacher, Lakeisha decided to further her portfolio and went on to study Aerial Yoga, Barre Fitness and Bungee Fitness. Lakeisha was offered the ability to teach at Empowered Centre last September and have been teaching since. Her favourite class type would have to be Bungee Fit as she feels she is able to express her dance passion during the sessions, while having fun and getting a great workout.”


Mel Isaacs

Mel started practicing yoga in 2013, when she finally discovered a form of exercise she actually enjoyed! She gained a broad experience of various styles (including Iyengar, Hatha, and Modern Vinyasa) while practicing at studios in Sydney, Perth, New York and Indonesia.

She soon realised the benefits of yoga, not just for our bodies, but also our minds, and set a goal to become a qualified yoga teacher to share these benefits with others.

In 2018, Mel completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Stefan Camilleri. The course centered around Alignment-based Vinyasa, combining her love of both Iyengar and Vinyasa styles. She’s committed to ongoing education and development, taking every opportunity to further her skills.

Mel now teaches throughout Perth with a focus on safety and alignment during fun, Vinyasa-style classes. She holds a RYT® 200 with Yoga Alliance (Registry ID 267285).

Linda Bell 

“I started practicing yoga in 2010 and have used it over the years to help recover from various sporting injuries.  I love the way it balances the body and works equally on both sides, while building strength and flexibility.  Since completing my 200YTT in 2018 at Empowered, I have also done Restorative Yoga teacher training with Lizzie Lasater. I have discovered a passion (my husband calls my 30 + yoga books an obsession) for learning more about anatomy and yoga, and how to make yoga practical and achievable for different bodies and abilities.  I am currently doing an Experiential Anatomy course as well as a fusion yoga course”