What was the intention behind opening Empowered Centre? What kind of space were you hoping to create?

When I opened it I wanted it to be a place that was friendly, where people could meet and chat, where people felt welcome. I wanted people to feel like they didn’t have to be brilliant at whatever yoga or exercise they were doing; that they could be helped through their journey no matter what stage of your life they’re in. In the beginning, my focus was mainly on providing hatha yoga and aerial yoga classes, but that soon changed and blossomed in new and creative ways to energise the body and soul. Barre came along, followed by pole dancing, bungee, suspension bounce, hoop, sling, and then f-fit. 

I really enjoy making the place feel beautiful and warm and welcoming. The walls were white when we first started but bit by bit they have evolved with us into this beautiful space.

What are your favourite classes to teach here? Why?

I honestly love teaching all the classes, but I do like anything that energises the core, which is typically suspension bounce, pilates and f-fit. I love it when people put their best in and look forward to pushing themselves to better their energy levels and better how they feel. 

I also love teaching stretch. My favourite part is the savasana and the meditation state created during the final relaxation. I like the way you can come into a class, be completely stressed out then energise, move, do whatever you need to do and at the end of the class, lie down in savasana and the body just gives in, the mind lets go and relaxes. Such an awesome feeling. 

Empowered has a strong community vibe. Can you share with us a couple of your favourite moments?

One that blew me away was when I had a surprise birthday! I had no clue, and I was so humbled by everyone’s kind words and gestures. Verity told me to come into the front studio, telling me that Michael had broken something, and I opened the door and the room was full of people. I quickly closed the door because I thought I’d interrupted a class! Then I realised it was all people I knew. It was hilarious.

My favourite thing is when I see customers who’ve been coming here for a while sitting in reception together and chatting. With gyms and other fitness centres, you don’t always feel welcome, you just go in, do your class and leave. It’s good that people feel so relaxed that they can chat and meet other people.

If you could describe Empowered Centre in just three words, what would they be?

A place to motivate, insprire and re-energise.