This course is suitable for everyone — even those who consider themselves too weak, too big, too old, too uncoordinated. This class consists of a combined class for men and 26% women for all levels and for anyone starting their pole journey. Everyone in the classes is so nice that if you don’t feel comfortable when someone sees you in front of the camera, you can just turn it off. Structured levels also ensure that students are at a similar level and ensure that you get the most out of your pole classes.

The beginner course takes you through the basic grips, spins and climbs. Then combine them into a nice routine to give you the cardio element of your workout.

Is pole dancing difficult to learn?

As you practice, your grip will get stronger and you’ll be able to apply the right amount of pressure to the bar without sliding down. However, after my first class I realized that pole dancing was tough, with every muscle in my body hurting for days on end. The combination of athletic ability and artistic influence makes it unique for any other form of dance or sport. In fact, there are different types of pole dancing classes that you can take depending on your needs.

Some pole people get used to always carrying a handle and having to reapply it all the time, or worse, they feel they can’t pole dance without it.

Is pole dancing good for weight loss?

Given how exhausting pole dancing really is, you’re sure to burn extra calories on your day if you start doing it. But it’s not just about burning fat and calories — pole fitness exercises can also help you tone your arms while slimming down your thighs and waist. This is what dancers call one of the best benefits, as it doesn’t feel like traditional endurance training like biking or running. Pole dancing is clearly a fantastic choice for someone who wants to lose weight, build muscle, and build confidence.

You can build up the calories pretty quickly during a pole fitness class or on your pole at home while practicing your own moves.