It’s designed to complement the way your body moves. A body not only has to train its muscles while working out — it also has to know how to fire when you move through everyday life. Private sessions Currently only. Fly through the air like Superman or set off Mission Impossible in the style of Mission Impossible by floating just a few inches off the ground.

All levels are welcome and you can choose to work at your own pace and fitness level. You jump freely in space, suspended from a bungee cord attached to your hips, and try out three-dimensional movements that fully engage every muscle in your body.

Is bungee fitness a good workout?

Piskin notes that people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s find using bungees to restore muscle mass more effective. Overhead bungees also help you stabilize because you use your upper body and core muscles to hold on to the bungees rather than being catapulted off a harness. True to his name, students in a bungee fitness class are strapped into straps and attached to the ceiling with a bungee cable. For example, the chaise squat uses resistance in your legs while you hold on to the bungees so that you also use your upper body.

Aerofly Fitness offers 30-60-minute bungee lessons, ranging from bungee circuit training to bungee cardio and bungee flight lessons.