Definitely a good time and a good workout. Bungee Core Fitness is a small South Australian company that believes in a sense of community. Customers who want an intensive training experience will be amazed how bungee training optimally uses every muscle group without the risk of heavy use. I was amazed at how versatile the bungee system is, another shining example of exercises that are accessible to all ages, body types, and fitness levels.

In fact, anti-gravity fitness is all about accessibility, relieving the joints and using the equipment to help you achieve your goals. It’s designed to complement the way your body moves.

Is bungee fitness difficult?

They’ll also use the bungees to do variations of inverted abdominal exercises, Supermans, and swimmers, Piskin says. Unfortunately, none of this is part of a bungee workout (daredevils, you’ll have to get your thrill somewhere else). The dance sequences in bungee classes help you activate your stabilizing muscles to shift your weight from one side of your body to the other while working against the resistance of the cord. Paige and Piskin say the bungees reduce the pressure you can put on unstable joints when you’re using weights, running, or doing HIIT workouts.

For workouts outside of bungee training, you can rely on specific tools to make up for the lack of stability. What exactly is this new fitness trend? We spoke to a few instructors across the country, including Amanda Paige, owner of Tough Lotus in Chandler, Arizona and the first instructor in America to be certified in bungee fitness, to find out what bungee fitness is and why you should try it out.