This is mandatory for anyone who wants to take other classes to ensure that you are aware of the safety elements of bungee training. This course is for everyone, with different fitness levels, as it includes variations of exercises for beginners, advanced and advanced users. For classes and private bookings at Downtown Gym, call Bill on 0402253596 or visit Bill Corbett Bungee and Boxing Fitness’s Facebook page. While bungee jumping has long been popular with thrill seekers, regular gym goers are now buckling up and flying high.

The training sessions are gentle and safe. However, to ensure your safety, everyone must take a basic bungee course to learn the basics and safety procedures.

Is bungee fitness good for weight loss?

Classic strength training exercises such as push-ups and squats are made a bit easier by the fact that the bungee cord supports a bit of weight. In videos of the exercise posted online, people are strapped to a harness that hangs from the ceiling with a bungee cord. Weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved flexibility, healthier joints, and lots of fun working out aren’t the only benefits of adding it to your exercise equipment. A bungee exercise is a new, creative, and fun way for people of all ages and body shapes to train and boost metabolism, promote mobility, balance and coordination, and burn hundreds of calories quickly.

The dance sequences in bungee classes help you activate your stabilizing muscles to shift your weight from one side of your body to the other while working against the resistance of the cord.