With an unparalleled wellness center in Byron Bay, international teacher training programs, immersions and experiences, Barre Body has made a name for itself as a true industry leader. To give you a better idea of what to expect in your first Barre class, Women’s Health spoke with Katelyn DiGiorgio, VP of Training and Technology at Pure Barre, to get the facts. Each barre class is designed as a full-body workout for muscle endurance (as I’ve definitely experienced it). Each barre class is designed as a full-body workout for muscular endurance (as I’ve definitely experienced).

I was hesitant at first, but I left the class feeling that every tiny muscle in my trunk, arms, and legs had been tested.

What does a barre course do?

It uses muscles that you wouldn’t normally target, namely the deep in your body that aren’t reached in squats, lunges, and sit-ups. Instead, look for a barre studio that offers a variety of classes, including multi-level barre, athletic, yoga, and cardio classes. Most workouts include a bar, weights, resistance bands, and balls, which are provided by the gym. But after six weeks of barre and eating in the run-up to Christmas, I finally had a girl’s butt that squats down.

Everyone’s physique is different, but you’re hearing that because the moves in the barre class help you build strong, lean muscles.

Is barre good for weight loss?

The actual “barre” in class is used as a prop to help you balance so you can focus on isometric strength exercises (i.e. websites like YouTube offer barre workouts for free, but paid classes may offer a more personalized experience. If you want to try out online barre classes, look for options taught by certified instructors to make sure you learn the right techniques for this type of exercise. Barre’s high-rep sets can help you get stronger, and “muscle is critical for weight loss,” says Kellie Davis, personal trainer and founder of Fit Thrive.

I particularly make sure that I complete at least one Flex Barré class per week, as it makes me feel longer, leaner, and more flexible with all my other workouts.