In this course, you’ll build up your strength and endurance while learning new transitions in and out of air combinations, exciting new drops and how to improve your skills on the lyra. Fine Line Studio offers classes for all skill levels, with each movement tailored to the student’s abilities, meaning that no two classes are ever the same. Learn additional air settings for your hips and hips as well as complicated wraps around your body with silks. End the class in true Divas style with a fun dance that includes the silk and basic moves you’ve just learned in class.

How hard is it to learn aerial hoop?

From aerial silks to aerial yoga, it’s a trend that won’t go away as the results are pretty fantastic. Look for someone who has specialized experience teaching aerial arts. Performing and teaching skills are two different skills. But when I talk about aerial in this post, I’m talking about airborne circus classes rather than aerial yoga. Some people are bitten by air fever and decide to work towards the goal of appearing in public at some point.

You’ll first learn a few different ways to fit the tire, and from there, you’ll learn some basic shapes that will form the basis for future tricks.