Aerial yoga hammocks for sale in Double Point %26 single swivel hardware configuration on Aerials Australia, which supplies Australia %26 New Zealand with beautiful air hammocks %26 aerial yoga equipment.

Can you use a hammock for aerial yoga?

Then hang your ropes on the brackets, attach another carabiner to the end of each rope, and attach the carabiners to your hammock to the other carabiners. Always consult a professional rigger or structural engineer to inspect your studio and install the hammocks. Swivels or swivels aren’t required for aerial yoga hammocks, but they do allow an additional swivel component as a single hammock. An aerial yoga hammock is a piece of fabric that hangs in the air at both ends and allows you to use great aerial yoga techniques.

Regardless of your fitness level or yoga experience, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with the yoga hammock.