Students who have successfully completed Level 1 Aerial Hoop Training for Beginners can move on to Level 2 of the Dance Trapeze, as the Level 1 course content is similar for both. Seeing their continuous progress during their journey to the pole and in the air are the highlights of their coaching days. The highlights of her coaching days include her continuous progress during her pole and air travel. This powerful method focuses the mind through visualizations as it floats the body through a series of gentle gyrokinetic movements, opening the whole thing up deeply.

Through pole dancing, she also found her love for fitness and strength training, which quickly became her passion. Restorative yoga is the gentle, meditative, slow-stretching and rehabilitative version of AG Aerial Yoga.

Is aerial fitness good for weight loss?

Beginner classes are very popular, and since training has no effect, aerial yoga is a safe choice for many. If your goal is to lose weight with aerial yoga, focus on more active poses such as lunges, aerial crunches, and poses that give you a core workout. It’s important to note that this aerial yoga pose for weight loss tends to put a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen. Aerial yoga also helps stimulate the thyroid gland, which results in increased metabolism and faster weight loss.

Aerial yoga can help you find your physical and mental balance so you can be more agile as you face life’s challenges. However, when done correctly and consistently, there are few exercises that are more powerful than aerial yoga poses for weight loss.