Pilates videos can bring the studio into your living room and you don’t even need a reformer. Whether you’re new to classic Pilates or an experienced practitioner, it’s always great to review these basics. We asked instructors for their favorite Pilates videos, some without equipment, others use basic equipment like a Pilates ball on YouTube so you can quickly get a workout in and start your day. Even if you’ve never taken a face-to-face class before, you can start Pilates at home by trying out a few virtual options.

All the exercises in this routine will be familiar to you from the Pilates reformer, but they are done on the mat so you can do them at home. I like it because it combines the challenge of mat work with the reformer’s feel-good exercises.

Is 20 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

If the thought of doing Pilates every day conjures up images of long-limbed celebs and incredibly expensive yoga leggings, know that you’re not alone. In addition, with your increased body confidence, you will learn which muscles you use most often and can focus on addressing these specific groups in your 10-minute routine. She tried surfing and really felt it the next day with her DOMS when her muscles had to react differently. Pilates is very focused on building strength throughout the entire trunk (this includes the pelvic floor and all abdominal muscles, by the way), which meant that many of the exercises were repeated during the workout.

Pilates is known for sculpting long, lean muscles that are as attractive as they are strong.

Is 10 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

She is a fully qualified instructor and believes Pilates is for everyone, regardless of age, as it can really help increase strength, flexibility, mobility and athletic performance. When you start Pilates after an injury, it’s important to move slowly, listen to your body, and give yourself plenty of recovery time. Practicing for longer periods of time makes it easier to fully connect with your breath and reap the key benefits of the Pilates body-to-mind connection. It might be helpful to work with a certified Pilates instructor or personal trainer to find the right level of challenge and recovery for your body.