Based on the technique and extensive knowledge of Ecole de Pole accredited instructor courses, this is the only Australian instructor training that has been recognized 26% in Europe by Fitness Australia, the American Council on Exercise and the Pole Dance Community UK. The curriculum was developed by British champion and global pioneer of the pole industry, Justine McLucas, and offers the highest level of technology with the safest teaching methods. She was then selected as a wildcard for the Australian Pole Championships, where she successfully finished 4th at national level. Divas is a place where you can hug your body, develop self-love, make friends, and feel empowered through pole, dance, and air movement.

Are pole dancing classes a good workout?

Regular workouts that stress the body, combined with the stretching exercises you do as part of your pole dance workout, ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the hay. She appeared in several major films and television programs, using her pole skills. It includes acrobatic tricks and movements with a rod, but does not require any stripping or erotic movements. One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing is actually related to your mental and emotional health.

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