At the

other end of the athletic spectrum, there are various aerial acrobatics that eliminate the dance aspect and focus on athletics. In this course, you’ll learn various ways to climb the pole, learn ground inversions, and basic aerial tricks. In stick training, the bar itself has a diameter of 40 millimeters or more and can be static or rotatable (most of today’s models can usually be adjusted in both directions). On YouTube, a video behind the scenes in which the superstar actress and dancer masters the pole tells another story, one of sore muscles and nasty bruises and practice, practice.

Your pole studio may have connections with one or more competitive organizations, and again, an Internet search for pole competitions is your best source of research.

Can I teach myself pole dance?

Even if you don’t have a bar at home, you can maintain your physical shape by doing various exercises using improvised tools and using your own body weight. Nevertheless, such a cane is only suitable for the first grades, and then we recommend that you buy a professional cane. Next, you need to attach your leg to the bar, transfer your weight to the back leg and fix the strap. To practice the movements on the pole, you should ensure your own safety and buy a safety mat.

You can practice pole dancing completely by yourself at home, or you can practice in the dance studio in addition to your workout.