In the words of the infamous Irene Cara, “I want to live forever.” Well, maybe not forEVER, but a long, healthy life would be nice. So what exactly is the key to longevity? One key factor, you guessed it, is exercise. 

According to an article published by Hardvard Medical School in 2013, ‘as little as fifteen minutes of physical activity a day can increase your life span by as much as three years’. Pretty cool, right? The article also references a study conducted on the effects of exercise on longevity, stating, ‘exercising 15 minutes a day for eight years reduced all-cause mortality by 14%’.


Heck yes, sign us up for that.

But before you pull on your sneakers and race to your next workout, here are a few tips:



This may be one of the only times where this statement applies. Small amounts of exercise on the daily is much better for our bodies than a 3-hour gym sesh once a week. Try and set aside a little time most days for some light-to-moderate physical activity 


This type of exercise is one of he best things you can do for your body. It has innumerable benefits, spanning everything from maintaining a healthy weight to improving memory function. It also supports all other forms of excise and physical activity by being one of the leading forms of injury prevention. 


Yes, stretching is exercise. Don’t underestimate the power of a good yoga class or restorative aerial session. Physical activity that incorporates stretching holds many of the same benefits as strength training and cardio, and is actually better suited for our bodies as we age. Pro Tip: try stretching before or after exercise  whilst lying on your back. This position strengthens the heart by causing it to more forcefully pump blood through the body.