We offer a variety of Yoga classes at empowered centre designed to suit your body’s needs.

The most relaxing of all is our Restorative Yoga  class which involves just a few poses designed to allow your parasympathetic nervous system to relax and recharge installing a sense of calm in the body.

Stretch and restore involves a lovely stretch to your body followed by some gentle relaxing poses at the end. This class is designed to iron out your body and mind to feel rejuvenated.

Yinyasa is a class that involves a few poses that stimulate some heat in the body, a little strengthening followed by long stretch and cooling down poses.

Vinyasa classes are a wonderful class to stimulate strengthen and condition the body. Vinyasa classes usually have a few flows to warm and strengthen the body with additional challenging poses for those who wish to give it a go. Vinyasa is great for people who just don’t like to go slow. As with all classes, honour the body and only do what it is happy to do! There is always a beautiful Savasana at the end!

Hot Yoga is the most challenging yoga which is based on a set series. This series will help challenge your balance and strength. The room is heated to around 36degrees enabling your tendons to be nice and supple and ready for a challenge. Bring a sweat towel for your mat and plenty of water.