Bungee Fit

Bungee Fit is a combination of Yoga and dance with assistance of the bungee cord. Experience the joy of flight and suspension as you weave through various yoga and dance moves. We offer specific beginner bungee sessions as well as one multilevel session per week

It is a fun filled cardio class for all ages and abilities. The bungee cord is designed to take the resistance as you fly into your moves and draw you back once it reaches the end. You don’t need any experience. Just bring a water bottle and towel. Please note, the maximum weight is 150 kg, not suitable for anyone with shoulder, wrist or back injury as you are springing off your hands to your feet.

Benefits of Bungee Fit

  • Stamina building
  • Core training
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Experience arm balances like never before
  • FUN!