Barre Fitness

Empower Barre Fitness combines fitness training, Pilates and ballet. It is a challenging workout created to achieve a lean, toned supple, fit and balanced body. Using the ballet barre, resistance bands and the Pilates ball, it ingrates the fundamentals of Pilates with cardio intervals, core work, functional exercises and dance to create a full body workout. Everything you need to be empowered.

Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles
Barre increases cardiovascular endurance & metabolism

Barre helps strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk, and it improves your posture. It also increases cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, which helps to quickly burn calories. Regular barre workouts can increase your bone density, which can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

There’s absolutely no dance experience required for barre, some moves look ballet-esque, but we’re not doing any dancing or traditional things you would do in a ballet class. The most ballet thing about barre is the barre itself.

For the exact same reasons doctors prescribe barre to patients recovering from injuries, barre is also perfect for our older adults. It’s low impact characteristics are better suited for the joints than running, weight lifting or a HIIT class are.