Last week we told you all about Surya Namaskar, the famous Sun Salutation. But did you know that there’s a Moon Salutation too? The Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation, is the lesser known twin-sister of the Sun Sal. It’s sequence is a longer and slower flow, with some beautiful variations to help you cultivate that lunar (yin) energy.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chandra Namaskar:

  • It’s actually a relatively new sequence, only popping up in the yoga world sometime in the last 100 years
  • The sequence is built to do pretty much the opposite of the Sun Salutation. While Sun Sals generate heat in the body, Moon Salutations cool the body down, and even prepare you for restful sleep
  • It acts as an antidote to high stress levels , soothing the nervous system and bringing us down to a state of deep calm
  • The Moon Sal, unlike the majority of solar/yang-based yoga practices out there, is not sequenced for one-breath-per-movement. Instead, the idea is to let the breath flow organically through each movement and transition


There are a few variations of the Chandra Namaskar. We LOVE this version by Shiva Rea, which she teaches as part of her Prana Flow Yoga.

Want to see it in action? Here’s a video of Shiva Rea performing the sequence, complete with some of spontaneous movement guaranteed to get you inspired:

Happy practising yogis!