The combination of athletic ability and artistic influence makes it unique for any other form of dance or sport. It is therefore no surprise that most pole dancers insist that they have never looked or felt better. These exercises are specifically designed to build strength for the poles and are great for cross-training. If you’re working out from home, take the time to properly install your home poles in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and review a reputable online learning platform.

She recommends doing all six exercises as a circuit and then completing two more rounds.

Is pole dancing a good form of training?

Today I’m going to reveal how pole classes started my love for fitness and how it quickly became something I couldn’t live without. The benefits of pole fitness go much further than just developing physical attributes such as strength, flexibility, and agility. While you’ll definitely enjoy the pole fitness classes and not know how hard you’re working your muscles, you’ll definitely feel it the next day. Advanced pole dancers can often make things look very easy, but some of it is actually very challenging.

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