If you prefer to be able to rotate around your pole comfortably (but still with limited space), you should leave it in the middle of your seat. There are several options for how you can set yourself up in such a small space. If you want a bit more legroom, you can set your bar closer to one side of your intended space. I want to warn you because when I bought my first pole, I had no idea that there were things I would need to install that aren’t included. After moving from my pole family in the UK to the tropical climates of Costa Rica, I decided to create Love Pole Kisses.

Can I teach myself pole dance?

If you have installed a pole at home, you can of course also take paid and free online lessons yourself. Remember that you’ll need a dance pole before you start, so get help choosing a safe and learnable dance pole to use at home. Each teacher also has different teaching styles, some are more erotic for a stripper practice, others for competitive training. When you start learning the poles with a beginner’s dance routine, you’ll learn the basic pole moves along the way.

Things like; online pole lessons, a dance pole and a grip aid; all things that pole dancing beginners often need.

Is pole dancing good for beginners?

I’m sure most pole dancers will remember how great it was to get the first spin right, and those great feelings just keep coming. There will be trains that you can learn very easily over the course of a 1-hour lesson, but there are some trains that you may have trouble with from lesson to lesson. About me Pole Dance Blog How to pole dance strength training for pole dance handstand basic program Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Contact me Pole dancing for beginners can be difficult with sweaty hands. You can ask any pole dancer who has struggled with a movement or has ever had problems with pole dancing (which is pretty much every one of us) that it is definitely worth all the hard times you face.