This pole class for beginners promotes strength, coordination, and flexibility through basic dance moves, twists, floor work, climbs, stretching, and pole strength training.

Is pole dancing difficult to learn?

Expert-level pole dancing isn’t just about performing impossible-looking routines, but also performing them with extreme refinement. Regardless of whether you are uncoordinated and unable to lift your own body weight or whether you are an athlete with gymnastic skills, there is always a new trick or transition to learn in pole dancing. The combination of athletic ability and artistic influence makes it unique for any other form of dance or sport. According to Medium, one of the best benefits of pole dancing is that it can boost your confidence.

Advanced pole dancing routines are meant to take the poler’s body to the max to make you look like you’re the best in your class.

Can I learn pole dancing alone?

One of the many benefits of learning pole dancing at home is that it’s cheaper compared to teaching in a studio. It is no wonder that pole dancing has continuously spread to different parts of the world and is therefore extremely popular and accessible to every person of all ages and sizes. If you have installed a pole at home, you can of course also take paid and free online lessons yourself. Even if you don’t have a bar at home, you can maintain your physical shape by doing various exercises using improvised tools and using your own body weight.