In case you missed the memo, we’ve recently added a BoxFit class to our schedule! We’re pretty stoked about this new class, not only because it’s So Much Fun, but also because of the loooong list of benefits of incorporating boxing into your exercise routine.

Need convincing? Here are 5 reasons you should schedule in a BoxFit class ASAP:

  1. Cardiovascular health – Boxing may just be one of the most enjoyable ways to squeeze in your cardio. Throwing punches requires lots of muscles throughout your entire body to contract at once, causing both your heart and lungs to work harder. You’re basically conditioning your body into higher fitness.
  2. Fat Burning – A full-hour boxing session can burn as much as 400 to 500 calories! Because it is such a high-intensity exercise, fat burning happens FAST. And even better? It’s one of the few exercises that keeps your metabolic rate elevated for hours after the session, so you’re still burning fat during the day.
  3. Core Stability – The coordination and balance required during a boxing session make your abdominal muscles work overtime to stabilise you as you move. Why do we need good core stability? It helps us prevent injuries, perform at our best and even improve our posture!
  4. Stronger Bones, Tendons and Ligaments – Boxing is a form of resistance training, and so conditions and strengthens the ligaments, bones and tendons in our body. This helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis as we age, and also supports better joint stability, meaning we’re less likely to injure ourselves during movement or exercise.
  5. Hand-Eye Coordination – Yep, punching things dramatically improves our hand-eye coordination. And why is this important? Good hand-eye coordination is directly linked to faster reflexes and reaction times.


Keen to jump into a class? We currently have a Tuesday morning session, 5:30-6:15am, with our instructor Ashley Cooper.