Barre combines dance and Pilates, and you’ll be doing cardio and endurance exercises during your workouts. Over the course, instructors acquire all the tools necessary to teach an S3 Barré course, not just the exercises, but also the skills they need to deliver a great course and become not just a good teacher, but a great one too. The course is intended to ensure that instructors acquire the necessary skills to teach an S3 Barré course in the most efficient and concise way. S3 Barre Instructor Training is offered by S3 Barre founder and creator, Joshua Norris-Ongso, an experienced physical therapist with a great passion for human movement.

What is a barre workout?

There are many benefits to taking barre classes to supplement your other workout or making them your favorite workout. Barre’s benefits may also improve conditions such as plant fasciitis and scoliosis, both issues that Kim deals with herself. While workout outfits depend entirely on personal preferences, DiGiorgio recommends wearing leggings or capris that you feel comfortable in and a workout tank top or T-shirt to get through class. Pure Barre’s Pure Empower class, for example, combines traditional barre moves with interval training, so you get your heart rate up to do your cardio too.

Some classes just use the bar (or something similar like a countertop or backrest) and your body weight to do one exercise at a time, while other exercises use tools like resistance bands, sliders, ankle weights, free weights, exercise balls, and more.

Are barre workouts good for weight loss?

The combination of strength training and cardio increases calorie burn without increasing volume or size. After an intense barre workout that really pushes you to your limits, you can also burn extra calories, known as the afterburn effect. And while losing weight isn’t the primary focus of a barre class, you may feel slimmer thanks to your improved posture and posture. It is a ballet-inspired fitness program that primarily revolves around the handrail used in ballet training, the barre, with some Pilates influences added.

According to Michelle Risinger, barre trainer at Balance Gym in the District, which has a national group fitness certification and two barre certifications, the goal of the classes is “to build those longer, leaner muscles through muscular endurance, not build muscle mass.