If you’re a regular at Empowered Centre, you’ve probably met our yoga teacher trainees at some point. So far we’ve had two groups graduate through our training program, and it’s been such an honour watching these bright and beautiful souls grow.

Here’s a few words from some of them about their journeys:

I have always enjoyed yoga, but after surgery from cancer and the reconstruction I lost so much mobility that I thought the Teacher Training would be a great way to work on recovery. I loved every minute of it.

I have always been a very active person, going from ballet to alpine skiing, after a while I decided to try yoga too. Thanks to my teachers I fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga. When I moved to Perth I had my own home practice and wanted to learn more, so this is the reason behind the YTT. I had my injuries along the way and the YTT taught me to step back and not to force it, rest is part of yoga too. One of my favourite parts of the YTT was learning how to create your own flows!

I got into yoga as I was getting older and wanted something more spiritual, something slower but that still challenges the body. I started off loving Vinyasa but ended up needing and loving Yin.

And finally, a beautiful story of falling in love with yoga from one of our dearest and most recent graduates:

My journey to yoga began as a New Year’s Resolution to recommence an exercise program after a long time of no activity. I have always been active and committed to exercise but always the Michelle Bridges type, need to feel the sweat dripping, I had no idea what yoga was or the physical and mental health benefits it offered. After speaking with a friend at Christmas who owned a yoga centre, she encouraged me to attend.

So I began with Stretch and Yin class, then Yoga 4 All, at the time thinking, ‘this will warm me up for that Michelle Bridges program’ that I would start in a couple of weeks. That never happened, my love for yoga started. I not only felt the physical benefits but became more aware of the mental health benefits that the focus on meditation gave me. I continued for two months before trying a Vinyasa class. I remember feeling quite intimidated, my heart raced at the start of the class as I am not a very confident person, I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t want to embarrass myself as I was a complete beginner.

I finished the class on a high. I loved the flow of movements with breath, the sweat, the focus and the strength needed for the postures, I felt like I had completed a cardio workout. Who needs Michelle Bridges now, not me!! Vinyasa for me had all the benefits of physical activity with mental relaxation at the end. What more would I need? The teacher was fantastic, she knew I was a beginner, her cueing guided me through the he postures without drawing attention to me. No one in the room cared, everyone just focused on their own practice. No judgement, I loved that.

Next for me came the interest of wanting to learn more about yoga, but I didn’t really know how to do that. I didn’t want to be a teacher, how could I, I was a complete beginner and of course, don’t forget, I am not a very confident person. Once again my friend who owns the yoga studio encouraged me to enrol in the Teacher Training. I nearly didn’t due to confidence. After confirming with her that I would not the the only 52 year old beginner in the class, I enrolled, and my journey of yoga teaching began.

What have I learned, how have I grown during my training?

I frequently felt overwhelmed during the training, fighting my own battles with confidence, at times I felt I was on a roller coaster ride. We learnt history of yoga, yoga ethics ands disciplines, teaching posture alignments with safety, meditation, pranayama and thorough anatomy. And did I mention the physical exhaustion we felt at the end of the weekends? It was fantastic! 108 Sun Salutations! What the hell!!!

I now have 5 new friends and have had the pleasure of being taught by two experienced teachers that made our learning easier. I have learnt to have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I have almost completed the final part of my training (teacher adjustments) and if I decide to actually teach, I know I can, confidently and with support from Empowered Centre. This 200 hour Teacher Training is just the beginning to further my knowledge of yoga and I will continue with more teacher trainings and see where it takes me.