In honour of our second birthday, here it is: Empowered Centre’s very first blog post. Last week, studio owner Jacqui and I sat down and mulled over what to write. We wanted to capture the essence of our studio; we wanted to talk about the journey we’ve taken in the last couple of years, and somehow encapsulate the multi-faceted and vibrant community we’ve become. But here’s the thing: that’s almost impossible to do in just a few short paragraphs. I mean, how can I even begin to describe to you our big, beautiful Empowered family?

Answer: I can’t. So I’m passing on the pen to some of our dearest clients. These are some of our fitness fanatics, aerial enthusiasts and dedicated yogis. They are parents, professionals, students, retirees and everything in between. Here’s what they have to say about their Empowered journeys:

“It’s one of the few places that I can stop, reflect and be. After a long day at work I can come to Empowered centre and walk out feeling fresh and relaxed. All the teachers are beautiful people and it feels like a community.”
-Sarah Meadwell

“I came across Empowered Centre after hearing about the opening on the radio 2 years ago. I enjoy coming to the studio as an escape/de-wind after work and to also take time out for myself.”
-Kestryn Chaloner

“I was looking for an aerial studio after trying aerial in Melbourne – found Empowered centre and totally fell in love with it!! It keeps evolving, adding more classes and becoming even more amazing.”
-Karyn Kudsi

“People from Renaissance told me about a new yoga place opened – after Yogabode closed – close to my home. Yoga keeps me fit and active as I age.”
-Brian Fairhurst

“I found out about Empowered Centre through a friend. Started with aerial, then progressed to barre which provides a great workout and makes me feel like I am getting a benefit from it. Small classes make the experience more intimate.”
-Lyne Grindel

“I was introduced to Empowered Centre by my daughter-in-law over 18 months ago. I started with aerial yoga and have done most of the classes. My strength and fitness has drastically improved. I like the sense of community. The instructors are amazing and make you feel so welcome. I try to attend 4 different classes a week.”
-Rowan Witham

“I find that the ambience within the centre creates a feeling of wellbeing and allows for the individual to explore their potential and development.”
-Eric Owen

“This centre has provided me with physical and emotional healing over the past 2 years. I cannot even imagine where I would be today without Jacqui – I recommend Empowered Centre to everyone.”
-Sue Thompson

“We saw an advertisement for Empowered Centre at the cinema and so my daughter and I signed up to spend some time together. I like it because you don’t feel like you’re exercising, you’re laughing and having fun while you’re sweating. It’s alternative, extreme and a whole lot of fun.”
-Regina Collier

“I started coming to Empowered Centre about 18 months ago needing to find a new yoga studio. I quickly fell in love with the staff. About a month later I started my first pole class. Then it was aerial. Then bungee. Then Pilates. Now suspension. I come for about six or seven different classes a week. Unlike a regular gym (from which I’ve always bored easily) there is so much variety and the classes are at a convenient time for me. My kids also come along and do a couple of classes. Empowered is an amazing place to rest my mind while I work on my physical self. I’ve made new friends, staff and other clients alike. Everyone is so genuine and generous with their time and advice. I love it and am grateful for the place it has in my life.”
-Christine Wyatt

We have so much love for our Empowered family, and we can’t wait to see where the next year takes us!