If you’ve never been to a heated yoga class before, you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. Bikram yoga and other styles of hot yoga classes have become increasingly popular in recent years. We even have two on our own schedule! Practising yoga in a heated room has a few cool (or not-so-cool) benefits. Here’s why you should book yourself into a hot yoga class ASAP:

  • Increased calorie burning – Due to an increase in your heart rate and metabolism, you will burn more calories during a hot yoga session than a regular yoga class
  • Toning and muscle health – There is an increase in blood flow to your arms and legs, delivering more oxygenated blood to the muscles and helping to improve both muscle health and tone
  • Improved lung capacity –  the increased head and resulting humidity makes the air in the room more difficult to breathe.  This means that taking deep breaths during a hot yoga class can slowly train your lungs to retain more air

Sold? Come join Darleen for Hot Slow Flow, Saturday 9:30am, and Linda for Hot Vinyasa Flow, Sunday 8:15am.

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